James Allen

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B.A. (Philosophy and Greek),Yale;  Ph.D. Princeton

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Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy


‘Aristotle on chance as an accidental cause’ (2015)

‘Practical and theoretical knowledge in Aristotle’ (2015)

‘Aristotle on the value of ‘probability,’ ‘persuasiveness’ and verisimilitude in rhetorical argument’ (2014)

‘Why there are ends of both goods and evils in ancient ethical theory’ (2014)

‘Syllogism, Demonstration, and Definition in Aristotle’s Topics and Posterior Analytics’ (2011)

‘Pyrrhonism and Medicine’ (2010)

‘Aristotle on Disciplines of Argument: Rhetoric, Dialectic, Analytic’  (2007)

‘Dialectic and Virtue in Plato’s Protagoras’ (2006)

‘The Stoics on the origin of language and the foundations of etymology’ (2005)

Inference from signs: ancient debates about the nature of evidence (2001; pbk. 2008).

Carneadean argument in Cicero’s Academic books (1997)

‘Academic Probabilism and Stoic Epistemology’ (1994)

‘Failure and Expertise in the Ancient Conception of an Art’ (1993)

UTM Academic Annex 205
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Department of Philosophy, 170 St. George St., Room 429