Nick Stang

Associate Professor
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PhD Princeton 2008

Nick Stang joined the Department in Fall 2014.   His primary research interests are metaphysics and its history (mainly in German philosophy).  His first book, Kant’s Modal Metaphysics, is under contract with Oxford University Press.  While most of his published work has been about Kant, he is increasingly interested in post-Kantian figures, especially Hegel and Heidegger.  He also works on contemporary metaphysics and aesthetics.  Side interests include: critical theory, early analytic philosophy, philosophy of mathematics, and Jewish philosophy.


“Kant on Complete Determination and Infinite Judgment” British Journal of the History of Philosophy 20:6 (2012), 1117-1139.

“The Non-Identity of Appearances and Things in Themselves” Noûs 48:1 (2014), 106-136.

“Kant’s Argument that Existence is Not a Determination” (forthcoming, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research)

“Bodies, Matter, Monads and Things in Themselves” in Brandon Look, ed. Kant and Leibniz (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

“Kant’s Theory of Real Possibility” (forthcoming, Philosophy Compass)

“Who’s Afraid of Double Affection?” (forthcoming, Philosophers’ Imprint)

“Kant’s Transcendental Idealism” (forthcoming, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


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Department of Philosophy, 170 St. George St., Room 507