Aaron Henry

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B.A. (University of Toronto), B.Phil. Oxford)


I’m from Toronto and did my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, specializing in Philosophy and majoring in Cognitive Science. After that, I went to the University of Oxford to read for the BPhil degree. I’m currently writing a thesis that investigates the phenomenology of perceptual attention and whether this aspect of subjective experience can be adequately explained in either intentionalist or direct realist terms. This has been a tremendously fun and rewarding experience, and I hope to do more work on this topic in the future. My other research interests all relate in one way or another to the nature of the mind—especially consciousness and perceptual experience— both as it is investigated within philosophy and within the cognitive sciences. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how we might characterize ‘background states’ or what neuroscientists sometimes call ‘levels’ of consciousness, such as the differences among normal wakefulness, extreme drowsiness, delirium, and REM sleep, and how this dimension of arousal or alertness might contribute to the phenomenal character of experience. I also like to play squash and go to the gym. Looking forward to being back in Toronto!