Andrew Franklin-Hall

Assistant Professor
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B.A. Saint Louis University; Ph.D. Columbia University (2011); “Love and Human Agency” Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, Riverside (2013-2014)


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Ethics; Philosophy of the Emotions; Social and Political Philosophy; Bioethics; Philosophy of Education
  • “On Becoming an Adult: Autonomy and the Moral Relevance of Life’s Stages,” Philosophical Quarterly 63 (April 2013), 223-247.
  • “Creation and Authority: The Natural Law Foundations of Locke’s Account of Parental Authority,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 42, Nos. 3/4, (September/December 2012).
  • Book Review of Jonathan Wolff, Ethics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry (Routledge, 2011).  Journal of Applied Philosophy 29 (August 2012): 266-268.
  • Book Review of Norvin Richards, The Ethics of Parenthood (Oxford University Press, 2010).  Journal of Value Inquiry 46 (March 2012):117–121

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Department of Philosophy, 170 St. George St., Room 428