Benj Hellie

Email Address:  

BA: Stanford, 1994; PhD: Princeton, 2001


Other employment

  • Invited Director, International Summer School in Cognitive Sciences and Semantics, University of Latvia, Summer 2011
  • Assistant Professor, Cornell, 2000–2005.


  • Standard Research Grant, SSHRC, 2007–10.
  • Visiting Fellow, Centre for Consciousness, Philosophy Program, RSSS, ANU, Spring 2007.


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Primary Office

UTSC Humanities 335
Tel: 416-208-4843
Fax: 416-208-2669

Office hours at this office: tba


Secondary Office

Department of Philosophy

170 St. George St., Rm. 413
Tel: 416-978-8226
Fax: 416-978-8703
Office hours at this office: by appointment

Research Interests:  
Philosophy of mind (consciousness, rationality, intentionality, perception, action, personal identity, interpretation, physicalism); epistemology and philosophical semantics (traditional and formal); history of analytical philosophy


— Conscious Life, OUP, forthcoming.
— ‘There it is’, Philosophical Issues, 2011.
— ‘An externalist’s guide to inner experience’, Perceiving the World, Bence Nanay, editor, OUP, 2010.
— ‘The multidisjunctive conception of hallucination’, Hallucination, Fiona Macpherson, editor, MIT, 2011.
— ‘That which makes the sensation of blue a mental fact: Moore on phenomenal relationism’, The European Journal of Philosophy, 2007.
— ”There’s something it’s like’ and the structure of consciousness’, The Philosophical Review, 2007.
— ‘Noise and perceptual indiscriminability’, Mind, 2005.