Bernard Katz

Email Address:  

BA (Manitoba), MA, PhD (Cornell)


Primary Office

UTM, North Building, Rm. 274

Tel: 905-828-3751

Fax: 905-828-5202


Secondary Office 

Department of Philosophy

170 St. George St., Rm 413

Tel: 416-978-3311

Fax: 416-978-8703

Research Interests:  
metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, early analytic philosophy, and philosophy of religion


— “Making Comparisons”, Mind (1995)

— “On a Sophisma of Richard Kilvington and a Problem of Analysis”, Medieval Philosophy and Theology (1996)

— (with E.J. Kremer) “The Cosmological Argument without the Principle of Sufficient Reason”, Faith and Philosophy (1997)

— “On a Supposed Counterexample to Modus Ponens”, The Journal of Philosophy (1999)

— “On the Limits of Divine Power”, Sophia, (2003)

— (with Doris Olin) “A Tale of Two Envelopes”, Mind (2007)

— (with Doris Olin) “Conditionals, Probabilities, and Utilities: More on Two Envelopes”, Mind (2009)