Jessica Wilson

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Ph.D. Philosophy, Cornell University (2001); B.A. Mathematics, University of California, San Diego (1987)


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Primary Office
Department of Philosophy
University of Toronto at Scarborough
1265 Military Trail Rd., HW 328
Toronto, ON, Canada, M1C 1A4
Tel: 416-287-7174
Fax: 416-208-2669


Secondary Office

Department of Philosophy

University of Toronto

170 St. George Street, Room 412

Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 1A2

Tel: 416-946-3637

Fax: 416-978-8703

Office hours at this office: by appointment.

Research Interests:  
General metaphysics (modality, fundamentality, the determinable/determinate relation, indeterminacy, metametaphysics), the metaphysics of science/mind (realization, emergence, and other inter-theoretic relations; formulating physicalism and emergentism, mental causation, forces, degrees of freedom), epistemology (skepticism, a priori deliberation and the epistemology of necessity)