Joseph Heath

Email Address:  

BA (McGill), MA, PhD (Northwestern)


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Primary Office

University College, Room 149
Tel: 416-978-8094
Fax: 416-971-2027

Research Interests:  
social and political philosophy, moral philosophy, distributive justice



— Following the Rules (Oxford)

— Filthy Lucre (HarperCollins)
— Communicative Action and Rational Choice
 (MIT Press)
— The Efficient Society (Penguin)
— (with Andrew Potter) The Rebel Sell (HarperCollins)

Enlightenment 2.0



Selected Papers:

— “The Benefits of Cooperation,” Philosophy and Public Affairs, 34 (2006)

— “Dworkin’s Auction,” Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 3 (2005)
— “The Transcendental Necessity of Morality,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 67 (2003)
— “The Structure of Hip Consumerism,” Philosophy and Social Criticism, 27 (2001)
— “Foundationalism and Practical Reason,” Mind 106 (1997)
— “Is Language a Game?” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 26 (1996)

–“The Structure of Intergenerational Cooperation,” Philosophy and Public Affairs, 41:1 (2013)

–“Three Normative Models of the Welfare State,” Public Reason, 3 (2011)

–“Three Evolutionary Precursors to Morality,” Dialogue, 48 (2009)


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