Liang Zhou Koh

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I’m from Singapore and completed my undergraduate degree at Peking University, with a double major in International Politics and Philosophy. I was drawn to China mainly by my interest in Chinese history and culture as well as by a curiosity about her modernisation. While I remain inquisitive about all things philosophy, I am currently most fascinated by some topics that lie at the interface between epistemology and the philosophy of action. These include questions about practical and epistemic reasons, intentional action and the connections between knowledge, action and rationality. My other main area of interests lies in political philosophy, where I am interested in communitarianism, political value pluralism, and multiculturalism. Having been exposed to both eastern and western cultural and thought traditions, I am also interested in exploring the different perspectives one may bring to bear on these topics. In my free time, I enjoy the theatre, books, interacting with animals as well as the occasional video game.