Lynda Lange

Professor Emerita
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PhD (Toronto)

My research is in two strands.


         One is “post-” or “decolonial” studies in philosophy”, considered from the perspective of both ethics and epistemology, with special interest in indigenous peoples.


         The second is questions of rights and the ethic of care, gender justice domestically and globally, and the social, political, and economic effects of the ways in which carework is structured in particular societies.



Research Interests:  
feminist philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, political philosophy, feminist and postcolonial critique, women and multiculturalism, Simone de Beauvoir


Selected publications:



“The Global Poverty Consensus Report”



“Dialogue, History, and Power”, PHILOSOPHY AND ABORIGINAL RIGHTS: CRITICAL DIALOGUES.  Lorraine Mayer & Sandra Tomsons, eds.  Oxford University Press, 2013.


“Globalization and the Conceptual Effects of Boundaries Between Western Political Philosophy and Economic Theory: The Case of Publicly Supported Child Care for Working Mothers”, SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY TODAY: SPECIAL ISSUE ON GENDER, DIVERSITY, AND DIFFERENCE, ed. John Rowan.  Vol 25 (2009), pp. 31-45.


“Burnt Offerings to Rationality: A Feminist Reading of the Construction of Indigenous Peoples in Enrique Dussel’s Theory of Modernity”, in THINKING FROM THE UNDERSIDE OF HISTORY: ENRIQUE DUSSEL’S PHILOSOPHY OF LIBERATION, ed. Eduardo Menieta and Linda Martin Alcoff.  Rowan and Littlefield, 2000.


FEMINIST INTERPRETATIONS OF JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU, editor.  Re-Reading the Canon Series, The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2002.
Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto Scarborough
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Department of Philosophy, 170 St. George St., Room 505