Mark Kingwell


BA (Toronto), M.Litt (Edinburgh), M.Phil, PhD (Yale)



Academic Office

Trinity College, Gerald Larkin Bldg

15 Devonshire Place, Room 309

Tel: 416-978-3286

Fax: 416-978-4949


Visiting posts: Clare Hall, Cambridge University (1999); Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California at Berkeley (2000); Baruch College, City University of New York (Weissman Distinguished Professor of Humanities, 2002); Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, University of Chicago (2016)


Major awards: Spitz Prize for political theory (1997); Drummer-General’s award for non-fiction (1998); National Magazine Awards for essay-writing (2002) and columns (2004); honorary DFA, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, for contributions to theory and criticism (2000); University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science Outstanding Teaching Award (2010); University of Toronto President’s Teaching Award (2011); Chancellor Jackman Faculty Research Fellow, Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto (2011); Governor General’s Literary Award for English-French Translation (Glenn Gould; Alain Roy, trans.) (2012).


Office hours: Thursday 2-4pm.

Research Interests:  
social and political theory; philosophy of art, architecture and design; 20th-century continental philosophy



— A Civil Tongue (1995)

— Dreams of Millennium (1997)

— Better Living (1998)

— Marginalia (1999)

— The World We Want (2000)

— Practical Judgments (2002)

— Catch and Release (2003)

— Nothing for Granted (2005)

— Nearest Thing to Heaven (2006)

— Concrete Reveries (2008)

— Opening Gambits (2008)

— Glenn Gould (2009)

— (ed., with Patrick Turmel) Rites of Way: The Politics and Poetics of Public Space (2009)

— (co-authored with Joshua Glenn) The Idler’s Glossary (2008) and The Wage Slave’s Glossary (2011)

Unruly Voices (2012)

— Measure Yourself Against the Earth (2015)



— “Is It Rational To Be Polite?” (1993)

— “Interpretation, Dialogue, and the Just Citizen” (1993)

— “Madpeople and Ideologues” (1994)

— “Let’s Ask Again: Is Law Like Literature?” (1994)

— “The Plain Truth About Common Sense” (1995)

— “Defending Political Virtue” (1996)

— “Two Concepts of Pluralism” (1998)

— “Husserl’s Sense of Wonder” (2000)

— “Meganarratives of Supermodernism” (2006)

— “Building Dwelling Acting” (2009)

— “Masters of Chancery: The Gift of Public Space” (2009)

— “‘Fuck You’ and Other Salutations: Incivility as a Collective Action Problem” (2012)

— “Frank’s Motel: Horizontal and Vertical in the Big Other” (2012)

— “Throwing Dice: Luck of the Draw and the Democratic Ideal” (2012)

— “The Work Idea: Wage Slavery, Bullshit, and the Good Infinite” (2013)

— “What Are Intellectuals For? A Modest Proposal in Dialogue Form” (2013)

— “Language Speaks Us: Sophie?s Tree and the Paradox of Self” (2013)

— “‘We shall look into it tomorrow’: Kierkegaard and the Art of Procrastination” (2013)