Natalie Helberg


BA (Philosophy) Alberta; MFA (Creative Writing) Guelph


My philosophical interests are numerous. If I were to organize them in terms of figures/philosophers, I would name Foucault, Judith Butler, Susan Bordo, Derrida and Levinas; I would note peripheral interests in Heidegger and Nietzsche, and, more generally, existentialism; I would note an inchoate interest in philosophy of science. Broad themes I find myself paying attention to include ‘the subject’ (its relation to language/discourse), institutional modes of boundary policing, as well as psychiatric, corporeal, sexual, and aesthetic forms of normalization. Feminist philosophy saturates all of my concerns.


I am also interested in the intersection between philosophy and literature and in ‘forms of writing’ more generally. I am currently working on a hybrid novel which sources the resources of theory, fiction, poetry and drama. Exciting writers I, most humbly, believe everyone should exalt and read: Gail Scott, Nicole Brossard, Kathy Acker, Carla Harryman, Rosmarie Waldrop, Lisa Robertson, Dodie Bellamy, Anne Carson, Sarah Kane, Lyn Hejinian and Vanessa Place.