Philip Kremer


BSc (Math, Toronto), PhD (Pittsburgh)


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Primary Office

UTSC, Humanities Wing, Rm. 525A
Tel: 416-208-4753
Fax: 416-287-7116


Secondary Office

Department of Philosophy

170 St. George St., Rm. 508
Fax: 416-978-8703

Research Interests:  
Logic, Philosophy of Language


— “Dynamic Topological Logic” (with Grigori Mints), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

— “Some supervaluation-based consequence relations” (with Michael Kremer), Journal of Philosophical Logic 32 (2003), 225-244

— “On the semantics for languages with their own truth predicates”, in Circularity, Definition and Truth, ed. by Andre Chapuis and Anil Gupta, The Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi 2000