Thomas Oberle

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Roughly two years ago, I was introduced to the thought of Aquinas and Aristotle for the first time. I was instantly hooked. I was, and still am, attracted to the systematic and privileged nature of Aristotelian/Thomistic metaphysics as a discipline and I was also captivated by the stark differences between the modern and pre-modern period. My interests have always been metaphysical and theological, and pursuing these interests has so far led me to fundamental questions about existence and the nature of being more generally. I’m fascinated by the debate between what Peter van Inwagen calls ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ theories of existence and the broader implications this debate has for contemporary metaphysics and various topics within the philosophy of religion. More generally, I am also interested in the relationship between science and religion. I hope to learn more about the analytic tradition during my time at Toronto and to continue expanding my knowledge of the history of philosophy.