Victoria Stelmacovich

I completed my HBSc degree at U of T with a major in philosophy and a specialist in psychology.  I discovered philosophy in my first year of undergraduate studies, and I knew at that time that I would continue in this discipline.  Today, I am primarily interested in philosophy of mind, ethics, epistemology, and social and political philosophy, with a growing interest in metaphysics and continental philosophy.  I am particularly interested in drawing from research in psychology, philosophy of mind, and ethics in order to develop a perspective on the individual, and her social context.  I would like to continue to explore these areas in greater depth, and I hope to find new areas of study to expand my philosophic palette.  
In the greater community, I act as an advocate for increasing the voice of marginalized youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges, and promoting the social justice needs that impact their lives.  I am currently the director of a community-based program where youth can find peer support, have access to resources, learn life skills, and develop a resiliency that will allow them to achieve recovery. 
In my spare time, I am passionate about yoga, jazz music, hiking, tennis, equestrian, and travel.