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Wayne Sumner and the Supreme Court decision on physician-assisted death

2015-02-20 |

In the wake of the unanimous Supreme Court of Canada decision on physician-assisted death that was handed down on February 6, 2015, University Professor Emeritus Wayne Sumner has given an interview to the University of Toronto’s Arts & Science News in which he describes his role in affecting the historic decision:

William Harvey Speaks at Bioethics Seminar

2015-02-09 |

William Harvey , MA, PhD, LLB, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto spoke about “Naturalization in Clinical Ethics” at the Joint Centre for Bioethics on February 4, 2015.   Abstract: The “naturalization project” is considered to have begun with Quine’s naturalization of epistemology (1969) and the view that philosophy is continuous with science.[Read more…]

Wi-Phi: Open Access Philosophy

2015-01-21 |

Philosophy is more than a scholarly pursuit, and the philosophy department is making it known. Toronto is now teaming up with Wi-Phi, an open access philosophy site that aims to increase the role of philosophy in the public realm. Started in 2013 by PhD students Gaurav Vazirani (Yale) and Damien Rochford (M.I.T.), Wi-Phi publishes videos[Read more…]