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Cheryl Misak in the UofT Bulletin

2013-08-29 |

The latest issue of the University of Toronto Bulletin has a lovely profile of our department member Cheryl Misak. Cheryl is about to complete her very successful term as the university’s provost, a role she had since 2009. We are looking forward to having her back! To read the profile click here.

Jennifer Nagel in Philosopher’s Annual

2013-08-27 |

Congratulations to Jennifer Nagel! Her paper “Intuitions and Experiments: A Defense of the Case Method in Epistemology” (Philosophy & Phenomenological Research 85.3 (2012), 495-527) was selected for this year’s Philosopher’s Annual. The Philosopher’s Annual selects the ten best articles published in philosophy each year.

Ergo: A New Open Access Journal of Philosophy

2013-07-20 |

Congratulations to Franz Huber and Jonathan Weisberg! They have just launched Ergo, a new general online philosophy journal. The journal is entirely open access and is accepting submissions on all philosophical topics and from all philosophical traditions. This includes, among other things: history of philosophy, work in both the analytic and continental traditions, as well as formal and empirically[Read more…]