Art, History and Perception Workshop – May 5 + 6 (UTSC and St. George Campuses)

Art, History and Perception 


Fri May 5 – Sat May 6 2017

University of Toronto


Works of art and visual culture are poised at the intersection of history and perception, imbued with their historical situation and with historical relationships to other works. Yet for the most part, it is through their perceptible properties that they have their impact.

To explore this nexus, the workshop will bring together art historians with two sub-disciplines from philosophy – philosophy of perception as well as aesthetics – to initiate three-way collaborative research.



Diarmuid Costello, University of Warwick

Whitney Davis, University of California Berkeley

Jason Gaiger, University of Oxford, The Ruskin School

Robert Hopkins, New York University

Dominic McIver Lopes, The University of British Columbia

Bence Nanay, University of Antwerp

Belinda Piercy, University of Toronto

Amy Knight Powell, University of California Irvine

Sonia Sedivy, University of Toronto Scarborough

Paul G. Smith, University of Warwick

Kendall L. Walton, University of Michigan Ann Arbor


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The workshop is supported by the University of Toronto and the American Society for Aesthetics