This is a complete record of all students who have graduated in recent years. For each graduate, we list dissertation title, supervisor, and current position. The following key will be useful in reviewing these records:

(TT) = Tenure-track or equivalent
(T) = Tenure or equivalent
(P) = Post-doc or fellowship
(V) = Visiting assistant professor, lecturer, adjunct or equivalent

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PhD Graduates 2014
PhD Graduates 2013

PhD Graduates 2014

Name Dissertation Title Supervisor(s) Current/First Position
Luke Roelofs Combining Minds W.E. Seager, J.M. Wilson
Hasko Von Kriegstein Shaping the World in One’s Image Tom Hurka Hebrew University, Jerusalem (P)
Ranpal Dosanjh A Defense of Reductive Physicalism J.M. Wilson Iowa State University (TT)
Lana Kuhle Embodiment and Subjectivity: the Origins of Bodily Self-Awareness E. Thompson Illinois State University (TT)
Lendell (Chad) Horne Health, Risk and Justice J. Heath University of Toronto St George (V)
Kenneth Boyd Epistemically Responsible Action J. Nagel Dalhousie University (V)
Matthew Kent Siebert Knowing and Trusting: the Medieval Social Epistemologies of Augustine and Aquinas P. King St. Louis University (P)
Michael Siebert Platonic Recollection and Illumination in Augustine’s Early Writing P. King University of Toronto Mississauga (V)
Diana Beverly Heney Ethics & Experience: Toward a Pragmatist Ethics C. Misak Fordham University (P)
Luke Gelinas Virtuous Action, Inside and Out T. Hurka Clinical Ethicist for the Spectrum Health System Western Michigan (TT) / National Institutes of Health (NIH) (P)
Mark Schranz Towards a Radical Republican Conception of Power J. Heath University of Toronto St George (V)
Susan Emma Sinclair Beauty and Ethics: Three Relations S. Sedivy, A. Mullin
Brooks Albert Sommerville Plato, The Hedonist? R. Barney Colgate University (V)

PhD Graduates 2013

Name Dissertation Title Supervisor(s) Current/First Position
Suzan Yasemin Poyraz Morality of Personal Punishment: Deterrence and Revenge A. Mullin Researcher, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Karin Alina Nisenbaum For the Love of Metaphysics: From
the Revolution in Thinking towards the Renewal
of Thinking
P. Franks Hebrew University, Jerusalem (P)
Adrienne Prettyman Attention and Conscious Perception E. Thompson Bryn Mawr College (TT)
Patricia-Ann Arnold Reasonable Hope: A Philosophical Counsellor’s Approach to Therapy and Post-traumatic Stress L. Lange Therapist in private practice
Charles Brandon Repp Truth, Justification, and Literary Merit T. Hurka, A. Mullin University of Toronto at Mississauga (V)
Farshid Baghai The Epigenesis of Pure Reason: Systematicity in Kant’s Critical Philosophy P. Franks University of Toronto at Mississauga (V)
G Anthony Bruno The Bounds of Life: The Role of Death in Schelling’s Internal Critique of German Idealism P. Franks Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Institut
für Philosophie (P)
Brett Tyson Gofton Analysis, Systematicity, and the Transcendental in Hermann Cohen’s System of Critical Idealism P. Franks, R. Gibbs Fairfield University (V)
Adam Christopher Harmer Mereological Nihilism: Substance and Matter in Leibniz’s Metaphysics M. Rozemond University of California, Riverside (TT) / University of Toronto
St. George (V)
Johannes Hugh Hunter Berkeley’s Bodies D. Ainslie Humboldt Universitat (Germany) (P) / Tyndale University
College (V)
Sareh Pouryousefi A Normative Model of Professionalization: Implications for Business Ethics J. Heath University of Nottingham (UK) (TT), International Centre for
Corporate Social Responsibility (P)
Jacob Weinrib Authority, Justice, and Public Law: A Unified Theory A. S. Ripstein New York University (P)
Ariel Hernan Zylberman The Relationship of Right: A Constitutive Vindication of Human Rights A. S. Ripstein McGill University (P)